Oh Boy, Boy Beardy!

Comedienne Minnie Pearl once said that “kissing a man with a beard is like going on a picnic. You don’t mind going through a little brush to get there.” The same could be said for women I guess, but that is possibly a topic for another post with a ‘mature content’ warning attached. In any case, it’s the quote that sprang to mind while flicking through the sexy portraits in Boy Beardy’s series of brooding, bearded boys.

I have never been much for computer generated illustrations. Even as a kid, cartoons and animation left me thoroughly unimpressed. People always look at me like I’m certifiable when I say I’ve never seen Shrek or Finding Nemo, or any of those children’s movies that adults seem constantly, and bizarrely, drawn to even though they are children’s movies. Don’t even get me started on comic strips and anime. I just…oh, forget it. I know I’m on my own here. I get that I’m the only person not to have cried through Bambi.

But Boy Beardy’s work is where all my views on digital art go down the toilet entirely. This sexy pseudonym doesn’t just make me a fan with his work, he umm, kinda turns me on. Where animation leaves me cold, I actually feel things when I view a piece by Boy Beardy. These portraits are intimate, queer, and raunchy. And because their deceptively simple style allows you to fill in the blanks in the story, I find them incredibly moving (just check out Roger & Frank if you need further proof). For a modern genre of art, it sure does hit me hard in the old fashioned values. I guess I should just admit it – Boy Beardy touches me in a way I thought no man ever would 😉

For these images and more of Boy Beardy’s inspiration, check out his tumblr at

1 Comment on Oh Boy, Boy Beardy!

  1. Enn GeeCee // April 23, 2014 at 6:39 am // Reply

    Watch Shrek. It’s good. And read some comic books – actually, read some graphic novels. Get your hands on Art Spieglman’s Maus. Trust me. It’s a wordless novel. You will dig it. And also maybe have a squiz at some Shaun Tan stuff (the Red Tree or The Arrival to start with).

    Who are you kidding about ‘kid’s stuff’ 😉

    Anyway, I digress. This is good stuff.


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