A letter of apology to Tasmanian Aboriginal people (and anyone else we have offended).

I’m all for a bit more of David Walsh’s way of handling things. Still, if you’re going to open a museum of contemporary art, you’ve got to expect to deal with a few petulant “rock star” artists šŸ˜‰

Mona Blog

Last week Mona opened Southdale/Cā€™Mona, an exhibition that explores, among other things, the unintended consequences of created utopias.Ā The colonisation/invasion of Tasmania by Europeans, and the debilities that resulted for its inhabitants, are among the areas explored. Another was the potential establishment of a Jewish nation in southwest Tasmania. That project, however, didnā€™t come to such a fraught conclusion, since it disappeared, as did its major proponent.

The artist who devised the exhibition is Christoph Buchel. Because the project was presented as an intervention he wasnā€™t named at its inception. He, and we, thought that the impact would be enhanced if the project was taken at face value. Since his identity was exposed by the Australian newspaper at the weekend (and they obtained their information from his dealerā€™s website, and not from us), I donā€™t feel that, at this point, we are breaking any confidences by revealing the artistā€™s identity. Howeverā€¦

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