Art is next to snacks on ground floor

This is a cute idea and equally cute article about it!

Standing Ovation, Seated

Vending machines sell things we need, when and where we need them, fast & cheap. At least, that’s the idea, right?

Take the vending machines for ballet flats at night clubs. They are said to be very busy at the wee hours when stiletto’s begin killing their owners.


Take the anti-rage/anti-stress machine that smashes a plate or a statuette for you (and yes, you have to feed it money to do it) – those can be set up anywhere, and everywhere they would be welcome.


In Japan, they are rumored to have vending machines for everything, from veggies and eggs to sex toys and fortune predictions. That’s the future. The Japanese bra vending machine, in which the consumer has to punch in her breast size, puzzles me a bit, because I thought all that fuss about exaggerating the size was a typically male thing.  Bramachine

I understand why a marriage machine dispensing…

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