Absinthe by Spiegelworld

“Everyone should be fucking clapping right now, unless you’re that one asshole who won’t clap for anything the whole show.”

And so begins the latest offering by New York-based, Australian influenced, entertainment group Spiegelworld. Named after the mysterious green elixir believed to have been both the inspiration and ruin of artists, vagrants and the bourgeoisie during la belle époque and beyond, Absinthe is in your face and full on from the get go. Set within a stunningly beautiful, 150 year old Belgian spiegeltent, Absinthe is a raucous blend of circus, cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville. Emceed by The Gazillionaire, a sort of Benny Hill/Borat/Les Patterson lovechild, and his dippy but horny sidekick, this is a show of sexual innuendo, biting New York humour, filthy language and absolutely no regard for political correctness, backed up by some incredible acrobatic acts and feats of strength. It’s dick jokes and sperm stories and nipple tassels and lesbian aerial acts, it’s strippers and cross-dressers and bulging lycra leotards, it’s festive and jovial and doesn’t take itself seriously even when seriously brilliant artists are performing in front of you. It was like having the best drunken sex of my life even though my mother was sitting right next to me…and it was hands down one of the most enjoyable nights out I’ve ever experienced. That it was here in Brisbane made it that much more incredible. I have been trying to get to a show at the Spiegeltent for years now. Every previous season I’ve promised I’d make it but had to miss out for one reason or another, so this performance came with a huge amount of expectation on my part. It didn’t disappoint. In fact, it went far beyond my expectations. It is a must see experience, where reality is suspended in favour of naughty Prohibition Era spectacle and scandal.

Don’t miss it.

Absinthe at the Spiegeltent
King George Square, Brisbane
Get tickets here!             

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