The Instaart family say goodbye to Bowie…

Dennis Hopper once said “if I could put it into words, there’d be no need to paint it” and it seems that quote holds true for the artists on Instagram paying tribute to Bowie.

In the past three days I have been inundated with hundreds of messages from artists and their friends wanting to draw attention to their work. There have been painters, sculptors, street artists, Lego artists, hyperrealists, textile artists, collage makers, performance artists, singers, sketch artists, felters, florists, weavers, chocolate makers, even some dude with an etch-a-sketch!

So I’ve put the best together here for your viewing pleasure. It’s a shame Bowie himself won’t get to see how the art world is saying goodbye, but what a great legacy to leave the world in a cloud of artistic endeavour!

And one more thing…because I’m a writer and I can’t draw how I feel, here’s an excerpt from a piece I wrote on Bowie the other day as one more voice in the crowd:

“Bowie was the soundtrack to my very first years of independent adult life, realising I was different, beginning to understand why I never felt like I fitted in at school or work, taking tentative steps to explore what that meant. I loved his music, and I loved that it felt like a discovery all of my own. What a thrill to emerge from the fog of adolescence with Bowie on my side.

You blew my mind, Starman.”


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