Call for Artists!

Listen up kids, I have an announcement!
This year I’ll be working in conjunction with Queensland design institution Ambience Store to curate an exclusive series of art exhibitions in Brisbane. So…if you’re an early or mid career artist yet to score representation, you should totally submit work for consideration. All styles and formats will be considered (unless you’re a performance artist who rolls around in ketchup or something. That’s unlikely to work here, I’m afraid).

The idea is to support artists, and to that end there’ll be no hidden nasties – just you, me, a few white walls, and the chance for some exposure. Commissions will be low, and there’ll be no hanging fees. There will, however, be some killer opening nights and maybe even some red dots!

If this sounds like you, get busy and email me links to your work, and feel free to tell me anything about yourself you deem interesting.

Let’s DO this!


2 Comments on Call for Artists!

  1. Febe Zylstra // February 1, 2016 at 7:01 pm // Reply

    Hi Carrie, How exciting for you – Congratulations on your new post! I am very interested in submitting my work and Bio for consideration, but I have representation with a small design gallery in Toowoomba. Does that rule me out for consideration? Cheers Febe

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    • Hey Feebs,
      I’m really leaving that up to individual artists and galleries to establish for themselves. From my side, there’s no problem but the idea is not to pinch artists from other galleries, or cause tension. It’s solely to get more art seen. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes in the process though, hence why I’m leaving it up to the individuals to decide!

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