Archibald, Wynne & Sulman Prize Winners for 2016 are…ALL WOMEN!

I know, I know. There’s nothing as important in Australian art as The Archie’s aka Paint Sniffers Christmas! Here are the winners:

Louise Hearman has taken out the Archibald Prize for 2014 with her portrait of Barry Humphries…

The Wynne Prize for landscape or figurative sculpture (the expression ‘comparing apples to oranges’ springs to mind) is the Ken Family Collaborative with ‘Seven Sisters’…

Wynne Trustees Watercolour Prize went to to Leah Bullen for ‘Conservatory no 2’…

And the Sir John Sulman Prize has been awarded to Ester Stewart for ‘Flatland Dreaming’…

Righto, we can all go back to pretending we’re too cool for the Archibald now! 😜

The winners and finalists of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes will be on display at the Art Gallery of NSW until October 9th.
Check out the finalists at the Art Gallery of NSW’s website

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