quarARTine #1

One of the first casualties of Australia’s ban on gatherings over 500 people was The Other Art Fair, due to be held 19-22 March in Sydney, and 21-24 May in Melbourne. You can expect a bunch of exhibiting artists to be featured on here as a result!

First cab off the rank is Brisbane-based Andy Harwood, whose practice considers the relationship between form and structure, as well as interactions between shape, size, positioning and space. In this new series of paintings, he conceptualises the sensation of a brain in flux, somewhere between order and chaos, and in the process explores mathematical geometry’s capacity to evoke emotive responses in the viewer. Sounds like the perfect art for this particular point in time!

Using  precise lines and intense interwoven patterns, Harwood layers foreground and background to misdirect the gaze and deflect the viewer from a central focal point. The resulting works are complex, optical prisms of colour that vibrate with exaggerated distortion. The potential for headache-inducing results is mitigated by the fact that each composition is derived mathematically, creating an overriding sense of balance and proportion.

You can check out more of Andy Harwood’s work by visiting his Instagram or website.

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