Cultural Flanerie is the work of Australian writer Carrie McCarthy, aka…me.

Fed up with being told by my editors that no one wanted to read about the arts, I created a space entirely devoted to exactly that. Here, there will be no stories about celebrities and what they’re wearing/who they’re dating, which city is most livable/makes the best coffee/has the most expensive real estate, how to get a discount on whitegoods, or where to find the tastiest acai bowl. I don’t even know what acai is.

I have loved, worked in and advocated for the arts my whole life. Cultural Flanerie allows me to wander the arts and give exposure and support to the best of what I see in a day, and occasionally have a whinge about things I think are bullshit.

I hope you’ll come play the flâneur with me.



Other places you’ll find me:

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The Big Smoke

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2 Comments on ABOUT

  1. Maybe you should take a peek at the current show at Philip Bacon Galleries although it is a stockroom show. I t does contain three works by the amazingly talented Lisa Adams (my wife) 🙂

    Two are sold one to the AGSA … worth a look.

    I myself am represented by TW Fine Art which is how I found you, through their current show. review. Terrific work critical review of the arts is something sadly lacking at present.

    Kind regards
    Kim Guthrie

  2. You really are a talented little …. and you have become one of my favorite distractions, Luv ya…
    Your favourite uncle

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