Ok, so your write-up is quite possibly & most probably the best write up I have ever read about my work. You expressed EXACTLY what I have been trying to write about my own work for years but have never been able to articulate half as eloquently as you did. You know, it’s that quintessential bane of the artist to have to try to put into words what they make visual (which is why they are visual artists!). So, I feel such a sense of relief, because I finally have proof that someone really ‘gets it’
So yes, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I mean it so sincerely, too.”

Amelia Fais Harnas, Portland ME.

“Wow! That is all I can say.

I just read the piece that you wrote about me, and was blown away. You do in words what I can only attempt to do with paint on canvas. I find their are lots of things, emotions, experience that I am unable to describe or put into words and that is why I find the deep desire to express this through paint.

I am so happy that other people are understanding me and are getting what I am trying to express.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Craig Waddell, Sydney 

“Thanks so much, I think you really nailed it, being a visual person finding words to describe my work is hard. I’m really thrilled with it, so well written and you touched on all the key themes. Thanks again, I look forward to reading more of your blogs and meeting up again down the track. Great stuff!

Belinda Sinclair, Brisbane

“Thank you so much Carrie. You’re a marvel! I didn’t expect anything so long or so quick. I like it very much and really appreciate you writing it.”

Amanda van Gils, Brisbane

From the bottom of my heart thank you Carrie for such a great and insightful review of my exhibition and art. What a huge bonus to have someone approach and offer such a gift, but to get to know you has been the icing on the cake. You are funny, articulate and honest- just what an artist needs to hear about their work- lucky for me it was positive. Not only are you one cool chick but you have an amazing writing talent, that won’t go unnoticed for long I’m sure!

Febe Zylstra, Brisbane

“Ah man, you totally get it! I love love love your review. Thanks so much for writing it. Totally hilarious and insightful. You really touched on something with the childlike observations. Glad you see the absurdities of life too.”

Amber Boardman, Sydney 

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