Lucy Anderson, deskilled domestic

Brisbane artist Lucy Anderson is one of the river city’s most exciting emerging artists. Since graduating from Queensland College of Art (QCA) in 2012, she has become known for her faux-naïve still life paintings of domestic scenes, an inward-looking emulation of outsider art. Purposely ‘deskilled’, they are immediately identifiable for their jagged edges and deliberately raw finish, evoking luminaries such as Jenny Watson, Roy Churcher, Robert MacPherson and John Randall Nelson.

Physically striking, they tell a visual story of associations and psychological dislocations. The figures and objects Anderson depicts are both familiar and ambiguous. Taken as a group, the images present a kind of stream of consciousness that reminds the viewer of many things at once: childhood dreams, homemade signs and symbols, folk tales, cartoons and decals. Deceptively simplistic, they contain an intrinsic love of subject, process and media.

Lucy Anderson’s latest works are on view as part of The Ambience Store Project 007, until 10 October. For more details, head to Ambience Store’s website.

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