Sue Beyer, guiding force

Melbourne-based artist Sue Beyer is no stranger to Queensland audiences, with her public artworks adorning buildings in Brisbane and Ipswich. An alumni of the Queensland College of Art (QCA) and California State University in San Francisco, Beyer’s work focuses on place and space, creating topographical fantasyscapes of imagined worlds and unreal lands, layering them with real world town planning maps to find a sense of order in the disharmony she produces.

Exploding with colour, they contemplate the way emotions, memory and imagination affect our understanding of place, forcing the viewer to consider how we perceive our surroundings – what elements of our environment we detect subconsciously or sense intuitively, and what we might ignore completely, depending on the personal history we bring to each reading. But so too are they a commentary on the human need to control the unwieldy, harnessing the landscape with roads, fences and boundaries to restrict the arbitrary.  


Or, you know, they’re just simply beautiful artworks made by a painter who understands colour, composition and the most direct route to my passionate old art-lovin’ heart!


Sue Beyer’s new work is currently on view as part of The Ambience Store Project, until 10 October 2016.

For more details, check out Ambience Store’s website.

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