The Fergies

One of the best things about living in Brisbane is the group of brothers and sisters known as The Fergies who busk in Queen Street Mall every Saturday. Normally I’m racing past trying to get out of the CBD as quickly as possible (shopping and I dislike each other intensely) but this weekend I was forced to kill time so I stopped by the musically gifted siblings for a few minutes.

Aged from 14 to 20, the Ferguson kids obviously live and breathe music. The youngest, Shani, has been in the band since she was just eight. The oldest, Kahlia, wrote her first song when she was six. Only two of the siblings are currently old enough to be admitted into the venues they should be playing in, but given they have one of the most popular music channels on YouTube and a hugely active fanbase on Facebook, it doesn’t seem to matter. They are such lovely kids, absolute spunks and ridiculously talented so I don’t imagine they’ll have to content themselves with busking on the street for too much longer. The Corrs must be clutching their fiddles in fear 😉

Here’s a bit from today’s set with the very catchy Hunger Games-inspired Catching Fire:

Or alternatively, watch them on YouTube without all the random people walking past here!

The Fergies Official Website

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